Hi Guys,

I am very new to informix.I got a copy of informix IDS 9.4 and installed it.It went succesfull except datablade which needed VC++.But after the installation,I had these programes in my startup
Informix Dynamic Server 9.4>DOcumentation Notes
>Release Notes
>Informix Error Messages
>Server Instace Manager
Informix Connect 2.81>DBPing
>DOcumentation Viewer
>Find Error
>ILogin Demo
I don't know which one to start.In Oralce I got the sqlplus,Enterprice manager console and so on.
I strongly belive Informix also has something as such,I think called ESQL,but cannot find it.Also I cannot run the ISA which is configured on Apache.
I am a kind of stuck though I have installed everything ( i think) I never can use it.THe only thing I can use is DBAcess which is a dos prompt.

Please help me,from this situation.

THanks and Regards