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    Unanswered: Current Executing SQL

    Is there a way to see the current executing SQL or the last executed SQL?

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    SQL Trace will help you, but only after the code has executed.

    The only way to watch it as it runs that I know about is by using OEM - you can view the SQL that is running for any user.

    I'm sure there must be another way - anyone know?
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    this will give you active sqls and the last executed sql (and when it ran).


    select logon_time, last_call_et "time inactive",nvl(s.username, 'ORACLE PROCESS') username, s.machine, s.program, disk_reads, buffer_gets, rows_processed,
    s.sid session_id, s.status,
    sql_text, ss.value "CPU used",
    trunc(buffer_gets/(executions+1)) "BUFF-EXEC", trunc(buffer_gets/(rows_processed+1)) "BUFF-ROWS",first_load_time, executions, parse_calls
    from v$session s,
    v$sesstat ss,
    v$statname sn,
    v$sqlarea sa
    where s.sid = ss.sid and
    ss.statistic# = sn.statistic# and = 'CPU used by this session' and
    s.sql_address = sa.address and
    s.sql_hash_value = sa.hash_value --and username like 'TEST'--and lower(sql_text) like '%translation%'
    --and last_call_et > 10000
    order by machine, status, program, last_call_et asc;

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