All -

In a couple weeks I need to move a SS2K DB from it's current server to a new DB server. I was planning on doing a full backup (through Enterprise Mgr) of the database on the current server and copying the .bak file to a directory on the new server. From that point I was planning on doing a restore (again through EM).

The questions I have are:

1. Is doing a backup & restore through EM sufficient enough to move the DB from the old server to the new or should I be doing this from the Query Analyzer using SQL commands?

2. Regarding the drive configurations. Currently the data & index files are on the G drive of the old server and the transaction log is on the F drive. Do I need to have these drives and directories created exactly on the new server as is on the current/old server? If not, how will the restore know where to put the data, index and trx log files? Is there somewhere that I can specify this since the drive arrangement doesn't appear to be the same on the new server as is on the current?

I've never done a restore so any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.