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    Unanswered: DB2 UDB for Linux V8.1, How to get info on abended utilities ?


    as a newcomer on DB2 UDB for Linux I tried runstats on several tables in an user-managed-ts, which where loaded by an crossloader application before.
    By trying runstats i got an -668. I checked my load-log-file and found some loads rejected due to a "tablespace full" condition.
    So i used a query to get status from syscat.tables to find tables with a non-normal status but everything seems to be allright.

    So how am i able to get info on pending utilities within my database ??
    Is anybody able to give me a hint ???

    Thks in advance.


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    Lightbulb Sorry, found the answer in this forum

    Hi and sorry,

    i searched this forum and found the answer !!! Will search more serious before posting questions to the forum......


    Thanks to you all, it works.

    I did:
    1. db2 list tablespaces show detail
    2. from the above command result I searced the tablespace state = "Load pending"
    3. from load pending tablespace state there is "State change object ID " = 4
    4. db2 select tabschema, tabname, tableid from syscat.tables where tableid=4
    5. I got the result
    6. db2 load from ..... terminate into tablename
    7. The tablespace has been moved to normal state.

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