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Thread: Mass rebind

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    Unanswered: Mass rebind

    What is the easiest way to rebind all the plans in a DB2 subsystem?

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    Since you used the word "subsystem" does that mean you are using DB2 for OS/390 and z/OS? Please specify your platform and other info as requested in Must Read Before Posting thread.

    You can build a list of all plans to rebind using the following as a guide (this is not the exact syntax):

    Select 'REBIND PLAN ('||name||' );' from sysibm.sysplan where ...

    You can do something similar for packages if needed.
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    look at "db2rbind" if on the distributed...

    db2rbind database-alias -l logfile [all -u userid -p password] [-r {conservative|any}]

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    I am assuming that your platform is os/390 or Z/os. If it is, then goto DB2I PRIMARY OPTION MENU (where we run our spufi etc) use option 5. which can be used for bind/rebind one or all plans and packages in a subsystem.

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