Hi Folks!

I've got a problem here, with MySQL 3.23

I'm trying to create a master query that will bring up a recordset based on 2 things. There are 2 tables, category and ccontrib.

`category` simply has a catcode and a contcode field. catcode is a string and contcode is a number. i.e.

1MB O|1010670
1MB V|1010672
1MB P|1010675

`ccontrib` holds all of the individual record's contact info. This also has a contcode field related to the catcode table. i.e.

1010675|EC Inc.|Barney

What I need to do here is get a master recordset that has all of the contact info from ccontrib, but not showing any of them that have a '1MB O' value from category. In the above case, I would want the recordset to only show 1010672 and 1010675 in the results. If someone has an idea or a question I'll elaborate if need be!

Thanks folks!