I am working on a project and what i'm trying to do is use VB 6.0 to take in a part number and then display the drawing at the click of a button. The problem is that the extension could be one of two different things and the searching engine is an ftp type deal. i use internet explorers ftp engine to look the part on the server and display it. I want it to check for the one extension and if that part number isn't found, then check the next one to try for it and it that one is not found, put up a message box. This is the code that i have this far:

Private Sub Form_Load()
On Error Resume Next


StartingAddress = "" & Part & ".dwg"
StartingAddress2 = "" & Part & ".slddrw"

If Len(StartingAddress) > 0 Then
'try to navigate to the starting address
timTimer.Enabled = True
brwWebBrowser.Navigate StartingAddress
'On Error GoTo err_StartingAddress
End If

' brwWebBrowser.Navigate StartingAddress2
' On Error GoTo err_StartingAddress2

' MsgBox "File Not Found, Try Another Filename."

End Sub

i commented alot out just so i could have that small part working. If anyone has any ideas to this one or can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.