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    Thumbs down Unanswered: UDB Replication (V8 FP5) with UDT's...?

    Anyone have any luck getting UDB Replication going on ANY platform for that matter with UDT's?

    IBM Doc states the following:
    Replication of UDT's is possible...
    1. The CD Tables need to be change to base "sysibm" datatypes (done).
    2. If the GUI (rep center) generates the target table DDL, it will create with base datatypes as well.

    #2 Above cannot be done in my case. We replicate to failover DB, which is a backup / restore copy from prod, so the UDT's must stay in place (also for the app to function in a failover scenario).

    SQL -432 when run with just CD tables set to base datatypes when apply tries to modify the targets.

    SQL -151 when i repoint apply to a view I created with the CAST'ing already done. Unfortunately, it looks like CAST is a one way from the view no problem, but update generates the above...

    Any suggestions? success stories?


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    just got word from IBM as per PMR 94441...

    no. the target tables must be set to base datatypes...UDT's on the target will fail at V8 FP5 repl.

    thanks anyway.

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