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    Unanswered: Parameters in Crosstab Query

    Ok, here goes!

    I have three queries...the first two are standard queries, the first references three fields on a form (StartDate, EndDate and Unit) as Criteria. The second references the first query to group by/sum.

    I then want to use the 2nd query for the source of the Crosstab. At first I got errors stating it didn't recognize [StartDate] as a valid parameter, yadda yadda yadda.

    I put StartDate, EndDate and Unit as parameters in the first query thinking that would work. Nope, same problem. I then put those same parameters in the 2nd query. Still no dice. I've now put those parameters in all three queries, and still it doesn't work. I thought if you placed Parameters in the prior queries, Crosstabs would work?

    Any ideas?! THX!

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    Why not do maketable and use for the crosstab recordsource? I don't think that Access will allow you to do crosstab with parameter queries.


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