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    Unanswered: Format([TIME IN]-1-[TIME OUT],"Short Time")

    i am setting up a database that uses start time and end times, i wish to find out the difference in these times.. the forumla

    Format([TIME IN]-1-[TIME OUT],"Short Time")

    has worked fine for example start time of 10.00am end time at 11.00am brings up 1 hour difference.. this formula even works for the dreded over midnight calulcations.. only problem is if i introduce another start time and end time on the same date..

    i.e. 1pm and 2pm..

    the formula proceeds to work out

    1-11 ..

    and so on, naturally it confuses itself.. is there any way i could modify my formula so that it only gives me the relvant times.. perhaps a closest too time.. maybe a bit optimistic.. any help appreciated


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    Sounds like you're doing some sort of clocking in and clocking out program....

    What I would like to know is, who your form is set-up. How many individual time groupings are they going to be at one time (MAX) and (Min).

    If you are going to create a max that is great, I'm not really sure but if you are going to do something such as a maximum of 3 groupings i.e (10-12)(12-2)(2-4), why not introduce a new field on your form such as (10-12,Morning)(12-2,Lunch)(2-4,Afternoon) that way you could do the difference of TimeIn and TimeOut where Period is Morning, or where period is lunch.

    This probably hasn't helped at all - but I'd need to understand what you are doing in more explanation first.


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    yer u got it right, tryin to do like a clocking in and out programme for a internet cafe.. naturally people will be coming and leaving, but unfortunately some lil tools are leaving then coming back.. so pretty random times of day..

    so yer its possible for someone to come at 10 till 11, 1 till 2, 5 till 6, as many times as they like, so i couldnt specifically say time periods they will be in, nice idea though.. each person has a unique identifier.. so its jst a matter of finidn gout which users are in for how long per day etc.. and adding them up to see how much it is being used.

    the standard form for clocking in has an entry for the users unique identifier..theres then an automated time of day and date.. when the user hits the stop button theyre enter in date and time is added to a table ..

    the standard form for leaving has the exact same format as the above, apart from ofcours theyre leaving date and time is recorded.. this goes into a seperate table for clocking out times..

    the tables for in and out consist of unique identifier.. time in(or out).. and date in(or out)



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