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    Question Unanswered: Record Deletion

    Iím working on a system where records are being deleted from the Slips file.

    Iíve been told that no user is using the delete button to delete records, and they do not have access to delete a record via the Menu or keyboard shortcut (SecureFM is being used). Since I updated the password settings for the Slips file so that no user can delete a record, records are no longer being deleted.

    Iíve checked relationships to the Slips file and only 2 have the ĎDelete related recordsĒ option checked. Iíve been told no records from these two files are being deleted.

    Iíve checked the scripts in the Slips file and there are 6 that can delete records. They are mainly for use by developers, and Iím confident theyíre not being run.

    Iíve checked all scripts in all files that have a ďDelete Portal RowĒ step, in case they are inadvertently deleting a record from the wrong portal. Iím confident, but not 100% sure, that these scripts are not the culprit.

    Assuming what Iíve been told is correct, what could cause records to be deleted; things that I havenít already checked?

    Is there anyway to record or log a deletion of a record so I can find out when itís being done?

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    FM Developer might have some tools to help you track things like this down, but I doubt anything will track action-by-action. I've heard developers can control user actions by forcing users to use a custom interface which perform all actions through scripts (which can have tracking/logging mechanisms in them) but I haven't heard of anything for regular FM users.

    Make copies and test everything that deletes is all I'd be able to do. Good luck!

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