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    Unanswered: Script to create a new profile in a telnet session

    I was wondering if I could create a script to open a telnet session and create a new profile.

    This is what I have to do:

    telenet ajasfc_app on my pc
    Create a copy of the icon
    Rename copied icon as "ajasfc-app" (for easy reference)
    Click once on "ajasfc-app" icon to hightlight it
    Go to "host name"
    Replace "_" with "-"
    Click "ok"
    When prompted to save changes, click "Yes"

    I thought creating a new profile would be a lot easier. I have to do make these changes on 150 computers. Need help!!!!



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    Check out this product

    The person who says it can't be done should not interrupt the person doing it. -- Chinese proverb

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    scripting stuff like this

    You do not need a third party product if you are running on MS clients. If you are running Win98 and up with a recent version of IE then you already have everything you need to use this stuff. If not, there are a couple of patches to apply that update the script engines.

    Microsoft is doing its best to fill the scripting vacuum for admins who are used to being able to automate stuff. Its good stuff and it was a long time coming. Check it out:

    Or if you are in a hurry then post your question in BOTH of these forums:

    MS Haters - Dont bother flaming me with the wsh/vb scripts are open doors for abuse because every decently powerful scripting language is. Just because none of the 12 year olds hacking with windows boxes never bother to learn perl doesnt mean that someone with a working knowledge of perl couldnt own your system.

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