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    Unanswered: E store application daily in/out , headache

    I am trying to set up the simple and small e store to keep the records of the equipment in the storeroom. Everyday people sign in to borrow the equipment and return back. Then i was thinking how to do with access2002 . Bascially i have 3 table , E-Store to store all the stocks of equipment, Staff for idenification purpose, Equipment for who take and plus how many available in e store.

    so i have E-Store, Staff, Equipment in separate tables to link them up. but the problem is that , how to calculate the available stock for Equipment when ppl borrow and when they return and auto update the E-store. that tough.......

    Let me give u rough ideas.
    s/n | Description | Stock | Current available,

    Name | Age,

    Staff | Description | how many (Auto update the current available) | Date | Return (Also autoupdate the current available at later date )

    From wat i see now, Equipment table is most difficult task i ever do.
    "how many" and "Return" and how they auto update and how it calculate.

    any solutions?

    help is greatly appreicated. thanks alot.

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    Allen Browne has a wonderful acticle on stock control which should, once adapted, suit your requirements quite well.

    Allen Browne's Site



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