I have a issue while running a Oracle9i forms/reports based application hosted on Application Server. The Details are as follows:

Platform: Oracle9iAS R-2 on Windows-2000 SP-4 Server (Upgraded from base release to
Patches: Forms9i/Reports9i patch set-3 (Patch No. 3129219) applied on Oracle9i AS.
Application: Developped in Oracle9i Forms / Reports
Client: Windows-XP and IE 5.5 or IE6.0

There are two ways we are accessing our applicaitons devlopped in Oracle9i forms / reports.
1. Applications being accessed via Jinitiator
2. Application being accessed via Java Plug-ins (JPI)
We have done certains configurations settings for our application to work in both ways.

- When we access our applicaiton using Jinitiator, the Jinitiator available from Application Server is first downloaded & installed on client machine (if it is not available on client) and then JAVA applet starts and application runs and move further.

Our Main Issue:
When we access our another applicaiton using JPI, the Java Plug-ins from Application Server is not downloaded & not installed on client machine (of course it is not available on client), and application does not work. The complete Java SDK 1.4.2 (latest version) is installed on Oracle9i Application Server. The formsweb.cfg file has been modified to work in both ways. It is like this:
# The following archive settings are for
# archive_jini - settings for JInitiator
# archive_ie - settings for IE native JVM
# archive - settings for all other cases (Java Plugin, Appletviewer, etc)
# Number of times client should retry if a network failure occurs. Only
# change after having read the documentation.
# 4) Parameters for JInitiator (used with Windows clients)
# Page displayed to Netscape users to allow them to download JInitiator.
# If you create your own page, you should set this parameter to point to it.
# Parameters related to the version of JInitiator.
# 5) Parameters for the Java Plugin (used with non-Windows clients)
# Page displayed to users to allow them to download the JPI
# (NOTE: you should check this page and possibly change the settings)
# Parameters related to the version of the Java Plugin

We like to know the followings:
a. How the JPI can be downloaded automatically from AS to client before application runs..?
b. Is it required to installed Java SDK on every client.? It seems it will not be feasible.
c. Or is there any other way i can run my applicaitons using JPI.? Basically, we are running applicaiton developped in Hindi (Multi-Byte Characters).

I need clarification & solution on the above issues. Please help. Awaiting ur response at the earliest please.


Kamesh Rastogi