I am using MySQL 4.1.3 beta server and jdbc driver 3.0.14 production stable .I having problem with simple deletes ..I am unable to delete certain records in the DB.I think the DB records are getting locked when I try a delete.Even through a different DBCOnnection I am unable to delete the same record.

One of the scenario is something like this...

I am having a table having a field with UNique key constraint on say a field 'name'.If I try create a record(with a name which is already there) which violates this constraint and then create it again(by changing the name) by changing the name.I will not be able to delete the same record again..Also if i am using only one DB connection then the error thrown while deleting the record is the error which was thrown during creating of the record with Unique key violation.

I would be grateful if anyone could help me with this. I am in a deadlock situation.