I use a utility package that executes any package.
On completion a report is formatted from the logs using the following...

Set oPkg = DTSGlobalVariables.Parent
Set oDTSApp = CreateObject("DTS.Application")
Set oPkgSQL = oDTSApp.GetPackageSQLServer("Srvr", "Usr", "Pass", DTSSQLStgFlag_Default)
Set oCallPkg = CreateObject("DTS.Package")
oCallPkg.LoadFromSQLServer "Server", "UserId", "Pass", DTSSQLStgFlag_Default, , , , "PkgName"

Set oPkgLogs = oPkgSql.EnumPackageLogRecords(oCallPkg.Name, True, oPkg.PackageID, "", "")
Set oLog = oPkgLogs.Next
** Display specific property values **

In production I will be running from Structured Storage Files.
I use oCallPkg.LoadFromStorageFile... etc.
Execution is successful.
I can access step results.
I need to access the Pkg log as above how do I do it?
The destination server connection is by UDL in MS Link.