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    Unanswered: Exporting Help Required

    Here goes with another dilema. See if you can help please?

    I have got one database with just one table called TblOne. Its rather complicated but I have field operatives who will have a blank database on a portable USB Datastick. I want them to be able to go to remote site that has a populated database on a PC and for them to be able to run a macro (hopefully press a command button) for them to export the TblOne table which is populated to their database on their datastick. I have tried using the Macro for exporting but this does not seem to allow me to seleect the source or destination location at the time of export.

    I hope this makes sense. It may be easier I suppose to automate a copy and paste function. I'm not sure which is easier.?

    Any ideas greatly received


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    More thoughts.

    I have tried to use the make table query use the 'another database' function, but with this the location will change each time the datastick gets plugged into a different machine as it will use a different drive identifier. ie. One machine will see it as H: another will see it as E: Any ideas ?



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    You will need to do this in VBA code.

    You could bring up a file open dialog box to fill the parameter of the docmd. TransferDatabase command. Then the field operatives would push the button, and point to the location of the database (after inserting their datastick), then the transferdatabase would do the job.

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