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    Unanswered: Parameter Queries

    Hello I am trying to implement a serach function through a parameter query. I would like for the user to choose from a drop down list of current data, instead of having to type in the specific name.

    Is there any possible way of doing this? I am running Access 2000

    Thank you

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    Sure -

    1. Populate a ComboBox (we'll call ours 'ComboBox1') on the form with the selections.

    2. Open the Query in design mode, and enter [QueryName]![Fieldname] = [ComboBox1].[value] in the row marked 'Criteria'. I think you can use the Expression builder here.

    3. Use code or macro in the Update event (found in properties) of ComboBox1.
    Thanks in advance or hope this helps.

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    Great! Thanks for the help.


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