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    Unanswered: Oracle table properties

    Suppose, I have a table with a ten million records (i.e. 10000000) and if 10,000 records are gonna be updated on a daily basis, what is a suitable value that can be given to pctfree and pctused for that table ? I mean, given the number of records and the records that will be updated everyday, how can we calculate and arrive at a suitable percentage for the pctfree and pctused ?


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    >what is a suitable value that can be given to pctfree and pctused for that table ?
    It depends.
    In addition to the number (or percentage) of records which are being updated,
    it is more important to know how much, if any, these records will expand in size.
    If the update means changing a status from "Y" to "N", PCT_FREE can be quite high.
    However if a "NOTE" field start empty (NULL), and gets on the average a 3000
    character string updated, then PCT_FREE needs to be small.
    It also depends upon the total size of each record & how many rows fit in a block .
    It depends upon which is the more precious resource, disk space or response time.
    It depends.
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    Thanks anacedent !

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