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    Unanswered: Using forms in 97 for drop down selection

    I'm using a form to input a parameter into a query I run. It's a combo box drop down list where the user selects their name. I'm having problems when they type in a name, it updates the table. I've tried Edits Allowed to no, but when I do this , you are not able to see the drop down list of all the other names in the table. How do I keep them from updating the table without losing the functionality of the drop down box.


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    If it works the same way as access 2000 then make a field on the form with a combobox and make it unbound and put row source as a table with the combo information that you need.

    All i do for combo boxes is crete a table called dropdowns and then put the combo name in there for what it is going to be used for and input the fields in there that you want in the drop downs.

    On the row source use that table and in the criteria put "not is null" so that if you use the drop down table for anything else that uses more fields then it wont put blank fields in the combo box.

    Sorry if havnt explained myself right good, if this is any good but you need more info then ask and i will try again!

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