You can now stream your one line of advertising text throughout our network for just $5/yr. No its not a typo. Its $5 per year.

These Toolbars are located at the TOP our network of sites and would stream a line of informative ad per hit.
And for $5 you can have yours up on GalacNet for one Whole Year!
If you buy more the prices gets more economical.
first 5 lines are at $5 each
Next 20 lines are at $4 each
More than 25 lines you have to ask for a seperate quote.

Also we have Static Drop down links on our Tool bar at our "Recommended links" section.
Only 25 SLOTs available

Prices are as follows
1st Place - $50/yr
2nd Place - $45/yr
3rd Place - $40/yr
4th to 10th place - $25/yr
11th to 20th place - $15/yr
21st to 25th Place - $25/yr

Here are some examples of sites
www.galacnet.com -- Main Sites example
realpeople.galacforums.com -- Member Forum example
www.cricket2004.co.uk -- Member site example

The rest would hit to our network of thousands of other sites and forums
A great way to stream Ads at a lower cost which also allows you to gain long term positioning in our network.

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More than 500,000 effective Advertising Page Views monthly

Please contact me over PM,email or MSN for bookings
Hope to be working with you soon