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    Unanswered: Communication Link Failure


    I am having a problem with a web application that needs connection to Sybase 12.5.

    The web server is in a DMZ, that connect to Sybase in the internal network through a firewall.

    The problem is that we intermitently receives a communication link failure message, when the webserver tries a connection to sybase. I tested it in the web server with sqladvantege, and i was disconnected too, after a short period of time (less then 1 minute). But, if I try to reconnect, it works fine, and i can run sql commands. But, if it stays innactive (there is no rule about time) it is disconnected.

    Does somebody have this problem? Does sybase have a patch to solve this?

    The client is 12.0.x, and the programmers would have to change the application code to allow upgrade to 12.5.


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    Check the firewall. A lot of firewalls these days are programmed with inactivity timers that are really aggressive! You can usually set these timers to very large values.


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