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    Unanswered: Newbie needs help migrating from 9i -> 10g.

    I'm new to Oracle and am trying to "upgrade" an Oracle 9.2 database to 10g on a different server. There are some basic concepts that I'm not quite grasping... here's what I think my steps should be:

    1. On the Oracle 9 system, run:

    exp SYSTEM/admin FULL=y FILE=dpndb.dmp GRANTS=y ROWS=y

    Now I have a dpndb.dmp file with all my data. I move this dmp file to my Oracle10g server.

    2. Create an empty database on my 10g server. How do I go about doing this? dbca has a lot of options--I'm not quite sure how to just create a generic "empty" database.

    3. Assuming I get step 2 completed, I think I need to recreate tablespaces exactly as they were on the 9i box. What's the best way to glean this information from my 9i server? I tried running a SELECT tablespace_name FROM dba_tablespaces; but this just gives me the names of the tables. I think I also need to know the size and locations, etc. Is there a statement I can run that will generate the SQL to recreate the tablespaces for me?

    4. Import the data with the 10g 'imp' command. I assume I use the FULL=y option here as well? I've also read that I should use INDEXES=n, but how would I then tell Oracle to regenerate my indexes when I'm done?

    Anyways, hoping someone can help fill in the gray areas for me. I'm mostly trying to figure out how to create an "empty" database and recreate my tablespaces properly.


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    The "dbua" will UPGRADE a running 9i database to become a 10g database.
    This will be MUCH faster & more straight forward than using export/import.
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    Well, this was data being copied to a new machine... exp/imp actually turned out to work pretty well.

    I'd originally copied the data over to another 9i install and ran 'dbua', but 14 hours later it had been sitting at 85% done for 2-3 hours so I had to abort.

    exp on 9i and imp into 10g appears to have worked though.

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