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    Unanswered: Network Use

    Hi guys (and gals), I'm brand-new to the forum!

    I have 2 questions
    FIRST - I created an access db and installed it on a server. When I try and access the db from a remote location (over the internet) it runs VERY VERY slow. Any ideas??

    SECOND - When creating a form with an autonumber field, the autonumber "appears" once the user hits a key. I'm trying to create a button that allow the user to "cancel" their record and close the page. (Basically a cancel button that won't save the record that the user has started). Any ideas??

    Thanks for your help. I hope that someday I'll be able to get-ya back! ;-)

    Ryan Olivier

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    The standard Access database setup, even on a local area network (Back end/front end configuration) runs slowly with more than one user. I can imagine how slow it must be over the internet. The answer to that is an SQL server for both problems.

    Autonumber is always assigned when you create a record, just cancel it and don't worry about it. The next saved record will skip the cancelled autonumber.

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    I'm not really worried about the autonumber, (This will sound stupid), I can't even figure out how to cancel it so that it doesn't save the information. I'm not that hot on VBA, and have been trying to find a macro-function combination that will close the form without saving the information.

    Anybody know?

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