Montreal, Quebec, Canada - August 8, 2004 - Softwares For Humans is very proud to announce the availability of their first public product.

EventScript is a small and clean plug-in built natively for FileMaker Pro version 7 and better. It is distributed totally free of charge as a 'donation ware' with complete functionalities and without restrictions.
Our plug-in can be used to spontaneously trigger FileMaker scripts from any calculation dialog box. By depending on the results of your calculations, EventScript brings some of the essential 'events manageability' to your FileMaker solutions.

Our plug-in accept 3 parameters, The target file name, the target script name and the optional script parameters.
And you can automatically get an error flag if for any reason your target script was not launched by the plug-in (for critical-process monitoring).

EventScript 1.0 do not give you the possibility to schedule future script triggers. It means that every event triggered is on a 'right-now' basis.
But EventScript can help you realize a lot of great things and it's available for both Mac and Windows platforms.

His goals are, first, to make the bridge between calculations and the ScriptMaker.
Second, to make known our new and emerging FileMaker consulting company.
And third: to be an inexpensive tool for every FileMaker developers and users because we think these 'event concepts' are too important to be formally sold.

As you know, "Humans are humans..." And people are running many different applications simultaneously on their computer while talking to the phone and taking notes and sometimes, clicking anywhere with their mouse.
Often, FileMaker is only one of the currently running applications and people are too busy to always give all the attention needed.

* Do you really believe that users of your solutions effectively hits the buttons you placed on your layouts?
* Are you dreaming that every user will pay attention to what you ask them to do?
* Is there automatic reactions that you want to run under particular circumstances but users 'forgot' to hit the corresponding button?
* Do you realize some months after delivering your databases that they are now filled with mysterious garbage datas?
* Don't you think your FMPro solution can be 'alive' and bring truly interaction between the database application and the user?
* Do you really want to take the control over the user interface and get the full power?

Using EventScript, you can watch user's events like 'creating a new record', 'deleting a record', by simply placing their computer's cursor into a particular field, after updating a watched field, after putting "garbage data" in a field. In short we mean, every event that can depend on the result of any kind of calculation...

Once the event is triggered by a user, EventScript will automatically launch a FileMaker's script of your choice for auto-protecting your databases, or sending an email based on a particular condition, or update a reselling price list, etc. etc. We think the uses are unlimited.

You can also reserve events to certain users based on their 'roles' in your application. Simply by matching the events with a specific privilege set and you get an 'evenemential profile'.
So you don't bother everyone with (let's say) the representative's tasks. Your possible 'call back' script will be triggered only for members of the 'reps privilege set'.
There is also many 'real-life' examples included into the downloadable files.

It's a matter of fact, FileMaker Pro is an outstanding development tool and we love it very much! And I don't want to say this is a major weakness... But good computer applications are able to auto-protect themselves and take reactions upon actions.

EventScript is an "absolute must-have" plug-in and because it is free of charge, because there's no limitation at all, no malicious-ware, no marketing's junk of any kind;
we think ES must be the first plug-in you should place in your FMPro 7's toolbox.

A word about the 'EVENT MANAGEABILITY' concepts
These concepts are well known on many other development tools but it is not directly available under FileMaker Pro.
Event manageability is simply the capability to predict user's actions and then the capability to schedule automatic computer reactions upon the user's behaviours.
These concepts also cover the ability to automatically trigger computer processes based on already known conditions without the need to press buttons.
(This is my personal shorter definition...)

You can download EventScript from our web site at

Thank you and I really hope you will enjoy !

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Gaston Forgues
President of Softwares For Humans
Montreal, Quebec, Canada