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    Unanswered: Printing multiple records

    How do I print multiple copies of one record in my database list?
    For example I what to be able to print 3 copies of one recordlabel, and 1 copy of another record. Please help.

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    Question A little more info.

    I guess Im trying to get a better handle on your problem, and the degree of automation your looking for in the solution.

    At its easist level, you could link a query to a form, and insert a text box.

    TXBox, CompanyName, Adress, et al. cmdbutton ->Print.
    Let N = txbox.value
    while n>0
    Print Record.
    let n= n-1
    And do them manually.

    But I get the feeling you want to do it straight from the code.
    Let N= Txbox.value.
    Let Company = Textbox.value
    Query for the company. which should get you one record
    print it N times.
    Then move onto the next one.

    I think its a potentially interesting problem. I'm looking forward to seeing what the solution looks like, but I think that will depend on just how much automation you need. Are we talking about a half dozen lables or thousands.

    Thanks BB.
    K did you Flashy thing me, K??

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