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    Unanswered: Infromix migration guide

    Hi all,

    We are migrating Informix with data to a new machine. Actually we will shift the disk array to a new server. Informix is not on primary disk (vg00). It’s on different volume group (vg04) which is moving to new server. The UNIX guy will vgexport all the fs from the old & import the same on the new server. I have taken two set of ontape level 0 archive.

    What all should I take care?
    Please guide / suggest.


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    To move db from one computer to another

    simple way of migration of informix db from one machine to other machine:

    1) make sure that page size ,numeric represntation & byte alignments on structure & unions are the same on both computers (pages size is 2 kilobytes on certain UNIX systems) check os doc for more detalis...
    2) Decide where to store the unload data. (On disk or On tape)
    3)run oncheck utility for db consistency check. (ref product doc for options)
    4) if u wish to save the triggers access privis, stored proc,defaults,constraints,sysnonyms for tables in db run the dbschema utility.
    5. tranfer the data to new computer.
    6.create seed db on new computer
    7.create schema structure. onunload utility
    9. check db connectivity.

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