i have 2 MSSQL DBs.
im using DSN name to connect MSSQL DB to generate the report. for example, i have designed a report CR1 from the DB using dsn, named DSN1 which refers
the DB named Master1.

but now i want to connect the same report CR1 in a another dsn name called as
DSN2 which refers MSSQL DB named as Master2.
(because the both DB's have the same table, but i want the report to print from another DB's table. )

but at runtime if i do the coding from vb application like,

crystalreport1.connect = "DSN=DSN1"

(this coding works if the dsn name as DSN1)

its giving error msg like "error detected by database dll".

How could i make the data connectivity at runtime to point the different dsn name ie, DSN2. (consider i design the report manually at design mode of CR and connect the DB thru DSN ie, DSN1 refers Master1 DB and call it in vb application at runtime.)