We have an Issue running PDF report via Application Server. The PDF report contains data in HINDI and showing as JUNK when executed via Application Server. Whereas, when executed in Report9i development environment, the data is coming properly in HINDI. The Details are as follows:

Platform: Oracle9iAS R-2 on Windows-2000 SP-4 Server (Upgraded from base release to
Patches: Forms9i/Reports9i patch set-3 (Patch No. 3129219) applied on Oracle9i AS.
Application: Developped in Oracle9i Forms / Reports
Client: Windows-XP and IE 5.5 or IE6.0

We have done certain settings on Application Serevr & development client machine for displaying & coding data in HINDI during development time and our forms / reports are working fine when we are executing them locally in OC4J Instance. Please note this is being executed using Java Plug-ins (JPI) & not using Jinitiator.

When we are deploying our forms & reports on Application Server andaccessing them from AS using JPI with some URL, the forms are displayed OK and all prompts etc. are displayed in HINDI. But, when reports (PDF) are executed, then it is displayed as JUNK. Whereas the same report when tested during development time & executed locally has worked fine and all data displayed well in HINDI.

We tried to see & search some solution on Metalink. We followed the NOTE No. 231051.1. We configured our report server to switch dynamically for Hindi display and set NLS_LANG as AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8. But it has not worked and still we are getting JUNK display in PDF Report.

Please arrange to look into this issue and help us.

Kamesh Rastogi