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    hI ,
    i have a list of value that is as follow
    select x from table1 union select 'All' from dual;
    now i have in the list the new All value.
    this list in the master block and in the detaills block i need to insert values to the All .
    so it should automatic add the values i inserted under All to all of the other list can i do that .
    does any one have an example to show me how to do it.
    i know that i need to write explicit cursor ,but can i do so.

    the detailed block has three fields need to be intered


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    setup an on-insert trigger on your block.

    if :my_block.flag = 'ALL' then
    insert into my_table (select x,:my_block.value2,:my_block.value3 from table1);
    insert into my_table values(:my_block.flag,:my_block.value2,:my_block.v alue3);
    end if;
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