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    Unanswered: Generating automatic values

    Hi all.
    I have been asked to develop a form which has 4 combo boxes and the valuelist in each combo box will come based on the value selected in the previous combo boxes. e.g. Combo box B will have values based on value selected in combo box A, similarly combo box C will have values based on the value selected in combo box B and so on. So far, it is simple. My problem comes now. Based on the combo box C value, I need to generate numeric values in combo box D. The values can be either from "1....8" or "1...12" and so on. But the value will always start from "1" in combo box D. Also if I select lets say value "3" in combo box D, then if for the next record I select the same values for the combo boxes A - C, then in the combo box D, all the values, except "3" should come up. Also, the other problem is that the values for combo boxes A - C are specified manually, whereas the value for combo box D is to be generated automatically, and that's where I am stuck. I have spent almost a day and a half but cant figure out what to do. Based on this I also need to generate a report. The report will be a grouped report based on the values of combo boxes A-D. So in essence the logical design of report will be as follows:

    Combo box A value (Group level 1)
    Combo box B value (Group level 2)
    Combo box C value (Group level 3)
    Combo box D value (Group level 4)

    (In short, it is a grouped report.) however, here also, I have the same problem. Generating report upto grouping level 3 is simple, but for level 4 it is tough because as i mentioned above the values for combo box D need to be generated automatically. And those values need to be in the report. So for level 4, lets say I have got 8 automatically generated values, and out then those values I have selected values "2" and "5", then those values will come up fine on report, but I also need to display those remaining unselected values also on the report, so that the users might be able to figure out which value in combo box D has been used and which is left out.

    I have tried to state as much as I can. However, if something seems confusing, plz let me know and I will try to rectify it. I need help on this very URGENTLY, as the report is soon due and I am stuck at this place. I thank all the people for your time and efforts to help me, in advance.


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    If multiple selections are to be eliminated from the D combo box list then add a logical field to the table design and Mark it True after selection. Successive records should only display numbers where the logical field is false.

    I hope this helps.

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