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    Unanswered: SQL Server and MS ACCESS

    Hi. I created an Access Database and am trying to run it on a server - and then access the db from home. It works but is VERY VERY slow!

    I've never used SQL Server. Will it allow me to upload the data from my Access tables and still utilize the forms and reports that I've created in access. (Basically I'm asking if I can host the db in sql server and then use access as the interface.)

    I hope that made sense. Thanks for any feedback!


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    hi there! yes u can upload the data in your access database to sql server by using the DTS (Data Transformation Services -Import/Export) of sql server. but i dont think u can still utilize your forms and reports you've created in access.

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    Sure you can, though they may need a little tweaking.

    After uploading your data (there is a wizard for it, I think), just delete your exisiting tables and use links to the database tables instead. Make sure the links are named the same as the original tables.

    For better performance, create an Access Data Project linked to your SQL Server database and then import the forms etc from your old Access database.
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