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    Unanswered: Change Command Center output format?

    Does anyone know how to change, say the timestamp format of command center result set?
    Maybe command center just uses windows xp regional/language settings or something?
    When I do a "select tstamp" from a table with timestamp (2002-04-03- I get this format in command center: Apr 3, 2002 2:35:56 PM 086671.
    I'd like to see the actual timestamp-format in command center result panel and not the other fancy format.
    Any ideas anyone?


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    You could use
    to format a date-time field to your liking. By default I think you're right to say that CC uses the host OS date format.

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    This is a note about CLP ... Guess it is the same for Command Centre ..

    The format of the date display of CLP depends on the locale settings of
    client ...
    If you see an 'unexpected' format of date on your Windows systems,
    In 'Settings'
    In 'Regional Options'
    On the 'General Tab'
    Under 'Language settings for the system'
    Click on 'set default'
    Then select the 'English(United Kingdom)' (or whatever it is , in your case)

    This works on W2K ... If you are having a differnt OS, please see your
    Windows Administrator ... also,the 'Language Settings for the System' is
    different from 'Your Locale'

    If this helps, please let us know

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    Thanks, for you answer on this
    I got Windows XP SP1 here and it doesn't seem to be exactly the same options as you had on Win2K. I got 'control panel' -> 'regional and language options' -> 'Regional Options' and on that page 'standards and formats' and 'Location' which is both 'Swedish' as they should be for me.
    If I click on 'Customize' on 'standards and formats I get som definitions on how I'd like currency,time,date and numbers to be. I've changed the currency format from 123.456.789 to 123456789 and date and so on (even rebooted PC after changes), but none of this seems to affect DB2 command center GUI-result-panel. It seems to be locked on these weird formats that I don't want

    Any ideas ?


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