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Thread: IIF problem ^^

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    Unanswered: IIF problem ^^

    I have a little problem with my query, which looks like this:

    SELECT *
    FROM EPATech
    WHERE (((EPATech.Abteilung)=Forms!AbtAusw!Abteilung1)) And IIf(Forms!AbtAusw!gummi="alle","","(((EPATech.Stat us)=Forms!AbtAusw!gummi))");

    As you can see, if gummi ( a combobox ) has the entry "alle", I don't need the additional condition "and (((EPATech.Status)=Forms!AbtAusw!gummi))".
    My solution was to use the IIF command, but somehow, it never branches into the (((EPATech.Status)=Forms!AbtAusw!gummi)) part, so I allways get every item in the table, even when gummi is not "alle".
    Can anybody help me out? I don't really have an idea of what to do.

    Thanks in advance!


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    WHERE ((EPATech.Abteilung=Forms!AbtAusw!Abteilung1) And (EPATech.Status= if(forms!AbAusw!gummi="alle", "*", forms!AbAusw!gummi)))
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Thanks for your answer, thats what I tried too, but instead of all entries, it returns none. -> "*" seems not to work properly.

    EDIT: I got it running now. instead of "*" I use EPATech.Status.

    complete query:
    SELECT *
    FROM EPATech
    WHERE ((EPATech.Abteilung=Forms!AbtAusw!Abteilung1) And (EPATech.Status=iif(forms!AbtAusw!gummi="alle",EPA Tech.Status,forms!AbtAusw!gummi)));
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