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    Unanswered: autonumber and incrementing it in another field

    I have two fields one is an autonumber which starts off 0001 and another is a number which takes the autonumber field and adds a 1000 to it.

    I have created a query in order for this to happen with all the table fields in it. and then put the require calculation in the query.

    I have then created a form for my query for the users to input stuff.

    However the field which has that calculation is not being updated in my original table, the form and the query have the correct number in but the field in the table is totally blank!

    Any ideas???

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    why would you want to have a number that is precisely 1000 more than another number that is safely stored in your database (salary statements aside!) ?

    autonumbers happily range up to 2-point-something billion: are you certain you want to add 1000 ????????? you plan a maximum of 999 records?

    your calculated number is KNOWN once your autonumber is known - it doesn't belong in a table and probably not even in a query (at least, not in a query feeding a form that the user will edit).

    suggestion: if you are anxious that your users see this safe-in-a-table-number + 1000, DON'T mess with a query, make an unbound textbox in your form (report, whatever) that does = [field] + 1000

    worry: any number between 0001 and 2 billion 1000 is going to have regular repeats: you are designing-in an error into your system.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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