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    Question Unanswered: Need Help as a beginner with basic mainframe terminology

    1. What is JCL?
    2. What is a Copybook?
    3. What is a Dataset?
    4. Difference between cataloged & uncataloged dataset
    5. Difference between partitioned & non-partitioned dataset
    6. What is VTOC?
    7. What is VSAM?
    8. What is the volume serial for a dataset?
    9. What is HFS?
    10. How do I browse through directories in ISPF/TSO?
    11. How do I locate a file from ISPF/TSO?
    12. What is record layout dataset?
    13. How do I map back a copybook to a record layout dataset?

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    hmmmm ... Reminds me of my university assignments ......

    Is this one ?

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