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    Unanswered: oracle port

    Hi everyone,

    I am going crazy with Oracle. I created a database using the Oracle Database configuration Assistant and it created the database just fine. However, I cannot connect to it using the Enterprise Manager Console because I do not know the port number for this database. I recreated the database but I found that at no point during the creation it tells me the port number. Now I do not know how to find this out. Please help!



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    If you need a port to connect to Oracle, then you certainly need to configure a LISTENER, which is not done by the install. To do this, you should run "netca" ("Net configuration assistant"), located at $ORACLE_HOME/bin/netca in UNIX (it should be something like this in Windows, and you must have a shortcut in your "Start" menu). Choose "Configure a listener" (or something like this), then "Add a listener" ... go on ... and it will ask for the port on which the listener is gonna listen (1521 by default). Once the listener is configured, quit netca, and retry your connection from Enterprise Manager. Now it should work. If the Oracle server is on another machine, you should also configure your "tnsnames.ora" file, which can be done either "by hand" or with "Net Manager" ($ORACLE_HOME/bin/netmgr, "Local->service name resolution" menu or something like this).

    I hope that will help.
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