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    Question Unanswered: To Resize the form and controls

    My application is working fine with my system but when i installed on another system which is having the small monitor, i can't see the control buttons on the form. How to resize the form to the screen size in VB6.0 If you provide the code i will be happy to look at it,Appreciate your help

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    Cool resize your forms to screen size

    me.Width=(screen.Width -50)

    with me
    .Width = Screen.Width * .75 ' Set width of form.
    .Height = Screen.Height * .75 ' Set height of form.
    .Left = (Screen.Width - .Width) / 2 ' Center form horizontally.
    .Top = (Screen.Height - .Height) / 2 ' Center form vertically.
    end with

    PS look if your screen display propertys arn't set to the max

    TIP : "allways" check your application/frm-screens on a resulution of
    800 X 600 (old laptops) i know it's about time they upgrade it -^.^-
    1024 X 786 (deafalt pc resolution)

    Have fun

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