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    Unanswered: Connecting from 9i dbastudio to 10g database.

    We've migrated a 9i database using exp/imp to 10g on a different server. You can connect fine to the 10g database using the 10g dbastudio/SQL*Plus and from 9i SQL*Plus, but when you try to connect using the 9i dbastudio it gives the following error:

    This application requires you have been granted the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY privilege. Contact your DBA to grant you this privilege.

    If I check the user account, they DO have the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY privilege. And yes, O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY is set to TRUE.

    Any ideas? I can get people to start using the 10g client, but I still think the 9i clients should be able to connect...


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    i suggest upgrading to 10g clients.

    How could they possibly account for forward compatibility?
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