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    I'm using Oracle forms in creating an application. On which i was required to use a Master-detail relationship. The master block has an LOV on it. My problem is that im having difficulty whenever i change the value of an item in the master block which has the LOV, the detail block won't correspond to the LOV chosen.

    So I'm just hoping if you can help me on this problem, on how to make the detail block update automatically when the LOV has been changed by the user. Thanks in advance..

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    If you used Data Block Wizard to create a Master-Detail relationship, there is possibility that this relation is invalid - it simply won't work (unfortunatelly).
    Therefore, I'd suggest you to delete existing relationship and create new one (click Relations in Object Navigator, click green plus sign to create a relation, etc.)

    Furthermore, try to compile the form using Shift-Ctrl-K instead of Ctrl-T.

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    Just Recreate it..
    dont laugh at my suggestion...Its the only way out

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