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    Unhappy Unanswered: Plz Help for Oracle Client

    Hello Experts

    Recently I am facing problem in my office for giving my oracle support.
    AS in my ofice i setup a Oracle data server and from client i m using Visual basic frontend using ODBC for accessing the Oracle Data server. now when
    i want to make the Odbc driver from client where Oracle is not setuped...
    shows an error as "Oracle Client and network omponent is not found...."
    Now i think there is a solution by setting up Oracle Client on every individual
    Client but now i want to solve a solution i mean how can i register or attached required Service on client machine without Setting up Oracle Client version on Client bcz in my office there is many Client.Plz Help me...i m in realy in trouble.

    for more help plz

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    Smile Install Oracle ODBC drivers...

    You may find oracle ODBC drivers in their site useful.
    install that exe file and if no success try Microsoft OLEDB provider for Oracle from your ODBC list.
    let me know what is going on...
    -good luck

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    You are hitting the problem that led so many developers away from client-server to web-based architectures.
    For your app to use ODBC and talk to Oracle you need to install Oracle Client on each workstation. The Oracle Client software provides the Oracle ODBC software you need. (Actually, it is made by Merrant and distributed by Oracle.) I recommend you download from Oracle the lateste ODBC driver from Oracle's web site. For example, if you got version of the ODBC software on your Oracle Client CD-ROM you can patch it all the way to Generally, there are more ODBC patches than Oracle patchsets, so if you loaded the latest Oracle patchset then you can still patch ODBC even higher.
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    The other problem is that the ODBC driver uses sql-net on the workstation to do the actual communication. You can't get around the client installation.
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