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    Unanswered: database table design problems

    If in my database tables that will be used to create drop down lists
    I have a list of 1-13 titles, each one has many subsections
    1. DCC (main sections
    1/1 gen
    1/2 miners
    1/3 questionnaires

    should these then be in separate tables, how best is it to display them as for the first table im wrong.

    Filing Room indextbl
    file id(primary key)
    filing room subject

    and not sure for the second table to cope with the subsections

    file id
    filing room sub sections??

    I will have 4 table stored, all are road types
    they all have different lists of roads per category.

    e.g Districts - Ch, Der, Du, Dh
    A - a1, a177, a181
    B - b1287, b 1289
    C - c10 , c15, c184 etc

    Can I do

    District tbl - distrct
    A road Tbl - road number
    B road Tbl - road number
    C road Tbl - road number

    then Road tbl
    A Road
    B Road
    C Road
    (linked together to the toher original tables, lookup)

    In 3 tables, i want these to have a road numbered stored in each record, chosen via a form with drop down lists.
    RC tbl
    rc number

    accident date

    how can i design it better as i know its wrong

    On my program i will have district, aroads,broads,croad buttons
    When selected a forum will load and will have two drop down lists already from stored tables, so e.g when B roads is selected, its drop down list will hold all of the b road numbers stored and so want that road number selection and other fielsds posted into another database table
    rc number

    Can anyone give me some pointers on how to tidy up what ive planned, I havent set up any database or tables as yet, but know what i want my program to do, in relation to what information will be submitted, where it will be stored, its just organising these tables with stored already determined data

    hope u can help, i need to get my tables into reasonable shape before i can think about building my whole system design with visual basic, using sql to look at the database



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    When the user selects from the first combo, a data-source query is built and assigned to the second combo, which is then enabled so that it may be clicked.

    The secret is, the data-source query for the second combo-box is built, and assigned to the combo, by event-code in the first combo. The WHERE clause in those subsequent queries becomes more and more specific as you go.
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