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    Unanswered: switch to oracle? help!

    We need to switch to another db ASAP and I'm not sure which one to use. We're really small, but I'm wondering if the tools (intuitive GUIs?) in Oracle would make it worth the money even though the db power might be overkill at this point. We only have a couple of developers, and one of them was the one who was the expert on the multivalue db we were using, so it's not like we have someone who knows much about being an Oracle or MySQL admin. I see that Oracle has a newer system geared towards small businesses...I'm wondering if it would be intuitive enough to learn quickly to be able to manage it. Any suggestions?

    Or would something cheaper like Pervasive SQL or even PostgreSQL be better for us? Like I said, I'm keeping an eye out for how easy it would be to learn and use the system.

    We have an existing J2EE web app, and the db we use is fine, but its ODBC driver keeps dying on us at peak time (about 2000+ concurrent users at various points throughout the day). We run this db on a Win2K box, and we run our web app with Tomcat on another Win2K box.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    this is an Oracle forum.

    I say use Oracle.
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    If you are that small a site, then use Oracle for small business and the devolpment tools if it is in your budget, If not, My-SQL is robust and free and there are a number of free development tools for it. However, Oracle is currently the most powerful and robust database on the planet (IMHO)
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    2000+ concurrent users is not necessarily a small shop ....
    As stated above ... Being an Oracle forum ... Use Oracle

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