I have a really strange problem I am trying to solve.

We have a DB2 (version 6 I believe) database, and we're accessing it from an EJB running within Weblogic.

The problem is that whenever there is a DST shift, beginning at the moment the time is shifted, all times retreived from the database are incorrect. The way I remember the issue is that it seemed as though the time were overcompensated for. So for instance, if the time is supposed to be shifted back an hour, then the database times are shifted back by two hours.

The thing that makes the problem so difficult to diagnose is that it corrects itself after a period of time, either 12 or 24 hours.

So there is a small window of opportunity to diagnose the problem, and once it goes away we have no way to recreate it because we can't tamper with mainframe date/time, etc. And we don't have the resources to recreate the environment for a seperate testing instance.

And, of course, 12-24 hours of inaccurate times is unacceptable.

I know my description is vague, but it has been some time since the problem occurred, and I would like to avoid it in October if I can, as I am now the primary on call for this system, whereas I was not when it last happened.

Does anyone have any ideas where I can begin looking for help on this?

Could it be a JVM problem? A DB2 config issue? I really know nothing about DB2, I only interact with it through SQL, never any admin or anything like that.