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    Unanswered: Using Variables in SQL*Loader

    I am loading some files with the first twelve positions of each record containing the key value.

    When generating the file to be loaded into the database, the programmer starts with 1 for the key value and increments by one.

    My situtation is that I need to override what the programmer plugs into the key with a beginning value for the first record being loaded, (and incrementing by 1 for each subsequent record).

    I have done this with SQL Server and had a variable at the beginning of the script that I would put the beginning key and it would automatically increment by one for each subsequent record loaded. However, it's been awhile and I don't have an example and imagine if it can be achieved in SQL*Loader, it is probably different.

    Any guidance with this is appreciated.


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    Use RECNUM in SQL*Loader control fie like:
    load data
    infile 'MyFile.dat'
    into table ...
    , colx RECNUM)
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