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    database design *updated

    Heres my tables and some of the fields inside

    Filing Room input.tbl (recordnumber, title, start date, end date, from, to, no of pages)

    filing room index.tbl (file ID, title)

    RC.tbl (recordnumber,Road, rc numb, accident date, from)

    PLI.tbl (recordnumber,Road, Claimant, Accident date, from)

    Correspondance misc.tbl(recordnumber, road, file ref, file subject)

    57list.tbl (file ref, file subject)

    Road.tbl(road ID, Road)

    The information inside Filing Room index.tbl, 57list.tbl & road.tbl will all be preset stored tables, where these will be used on the main tables to lookup and make a selection (drop down lists on forms eventually)

    The recordnumber field in Filing room input.tbl, rc.tbl, pli.tbl and correspondance misc.tbl is so that each record entered into these tables can have a unique record number to identify them. Using the autonumber function on all three, i am still going to need some way or making sure that no number is already in a different table, and so would like each of those tables mentioned to be have some way or identifying what table the number relates to, e.g rc01....., pli01...., corr01. If this is possible, or would I have to manually create the new reference on Entry?

    The Road.tbl will have a long list of different combinations of lettered and numbered roads, ive added the roadid, field to makes sure that the same one isnt added into here twice when i enter the stored data to be used in the other tables.

    Is this design looking better?
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