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    Unanswered: another date format problem

    I have a program that will only run when the date format is set to m/d/yyyy in regional settings. I want it to run in other regional settings. I have read about this issue in the archives and have tried using the format command and have tried the makeUSAdate function but none of these work in this case. Specifically for the math to work the date has to be like this 1/2/2004. With the regional settings on mm/dd/yyyy it shows as 01/02/2004 which breaks the math function. When I use format (date,"mdyyyy") it still shows as 01/02/2004 when I debug and step the code- which is how my regional settings are.. I think that somewhere in the code as written there is a filter that is breaking on leading zeros if present.

    Is there a way to force the regional settings not to affect the program. I have heard that this is simple in Access2000 with just an option setting but I am forced to use Access97 for now.

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    you can get around regional settings if you make the date field a text entry...

    Also you can change to entry via 3 text boxes (one for day, one for month and one for year) and use dateserial to patch them together...


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