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    Unanswered: email and domain match query

    i have two columns in diferent tables, one is email and the other is domain. I was wondering if i could run a query that would tell me how many email i have with each of the domains listed. Can I do this with out parsing the domain from the email, I figure you could do it that way but i was wondering if i could do it with a "Like" some how.


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    To find an exact match between the email address and the domain name, you can use a simple string comparison with the Instr() function as follows:

    intDNN = Instr(1,strEmailAddr,"@")
    . . . . where intDNN would indicate the character position of @.

    strDomainSeg = Right$(strEmailAddr,(Len(strEMAilAddr)-intDNN))

    If Right$(strDomainName, Len(strDomainSeg)) = strDomainSegment Then
    . . . . it's a match . . .
    End If

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    Thanks a lot I had not thought of that. I do not know a lot about the instr and this is a very interesting way of using it. Very creative. Thank you

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