We are currently running DB2 8.1 on a Linux (Red Hat) box. I created a stored procedure to simply return a result set from a query and was able to compile it successfully in our DEV environment. I then did a GET ROUTINE to extract a .sar file containing the stored proc. When I try to load the routine into our QA environment using the PUT ROUTINE command, I get the following error:

db2 put routine from prpt_aff_revenue.sar

SQL0443N Routine "*TINE_SAR" (specific name "") has returned an error
SQLSTATE with diagnostic text "-83, ,
/export/home/db2adm/...P/DB2ADMIN/tmp/P5520357.". SQLSTATE=38000

I checked the above directory, and the file mentioned (P5520357) and it does not exist. All I see in this directory is a file called put_routine.log and it contains the following:

------ --------------------------------------------------------------------
SQL0061W The binder is in progress.
SQL0083C A memory allocation error has occurred.
SQL0082C An error has occurred which has terminated
SQL0091N Binding was ended with "2" errors and "0" warnings.

There is plenty of memory available on the server, and when I asked my DBA, he said plenty was allocated to the DB2 instance. The procedure is very simple, and I can't imagine it would take loads of memory to load it into the database. So my guess is that we are missing some config parameters that need to be set in the instance. Can anyone provide any insight as to what those might be? We are relatively new to DB2, so it could even be something basic that we missed.