Ok, here's a bit of a challenge for you (it has some relevance to this forum thankfully).

Ok, we have been experiencing problems with our helpdesk software (Computer Associates ServiceIT Enterprise Edition), and im looking into the feasability of building a custom interface off the back of the existing database.

Now, here's the fun bit. What im thinking on is setting up the server (Windows 2000 Advanced Server running SQL Server 2000) to host a local web site (a php site due to the benefits i have seen with it), which will act as an interface to the ServiceIT database.

This idea is to be contained within the company (I.e. our office only).

What i need to know is what would be the best software to "host" this offline web interface that will work with windows 2k avanced server and sql server 2k.

any help you could provide with this would be greatly appreciated because im trying to save an absolute fortune here.